Best Local Shops

  • Lebanon Vacuum and Sewing
    offers a complete line of sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers. 6000 bolts of fabrics, many types of batting and stabilizers. Classes are offered for the novice as well as the expert.
  • Hackberry Farm Antiques
    right across the road, it has a wide variety of antiques from milk glass to furniture, quilts, dolls and more. Stop in even if you just want to look.

Useful Information

When you have been sitting for a while and need a break, watch the cows, walk down the road (you are safe), bird watch, talk to My Sweet Baboo. Baboo is the official greeter. He will bray at your comings and goings and enjoys a scratch on the neck or chin, but avoid the ears.

Area wildlife includes deer, turkey, bobcat, coyote, opossum, and skunk. If you see a pretty black and white kitty during the early evening hours, DO NOT approach it. You may hear the coyotes singing in the early evening and perhaps a bobcat. There is a great grey hereon roost near the railroad tracks, with at least 5 nests.

During the summer, flowers will be blooming. Watch the humming birds and butterflies in their own garden. It’s ok to pull a weed.